What's up? You were chosen to be part of this group because you inspired someone else in a big way. These are the kind of people we want to bring together.

That's why we have started a family, connected solely through their aspirational qualities. We want to see what happens when more people like this come together, and we truly want our brand to support thinkers and doers, and inspire people to dream a little bigger. 

Who are we? Khross is a clothing brand that's been living under the mantra of "Live Inspired" since December 2007. We are the people who aren't afraid to swing for the fences, or to think outside the box. To date, we've clothed artists like producer Skrillex, alternative rock singer Tim Landers formerly of Transit, and hip-hop duo OCD: Moosh & Twist. We've been around the world and back, and after meeting so many amazing people and realizing they ALL had great ways of looking at the world, we decided we wanted to do something, well... bigger!

You are about to go through 5 steps that will get you into our private Khross Family group page, where you can meet the rest of the people who have been recommended into this group, and also gain access to the Khross Vault- a private, recommendation-based portion of our shop stocked with product normally reserved for artists. 



On the Shoulders of Giants

We've been all over the world and have had the pleasure of working with and getting publicized by some of the greatest minds and organizations out there. Thank you to everyone! Another testament to the need for coming together. ;)





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