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We've met a lot of brilliant people in their own ways out there over the last few years...

...people that have really impacted us. Those are the kind of people we want to bring together. The whole point is to bring together more people who are doing awesome things for themselves and others- and we need you to make it all possible. So our thought on how to make this group grow is to start a chain of people, beginning with friends who have impacted and inspired one person, and then encouraging them to find people who have inspired them or made some sort of positive impact on their life, hopefully making an exponential chain of awesome people.


 Here's the link to share with 2 friends who have have inspired you: 


  Our Khross Family is supportive, and this is where it really counts. 

It will be a work in progress, and as we go along, we'll figure out how to make the group better for its members. We hope that the larger this group becomes, and because we’re seeking out awesome people, that the real benefit will be having a huge family of inspirational people supporting each other's lives through real connection, real support, and a truly positive community.

You are now part of a community of people who aren't afraid to chase their dreams.





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