About Us

Khross is not about the latest trends. It's not about conforming to an image.

Khross is about expressing your own image. We believe in a world with more dreamers, more happiness, more opportunity, and more people challenging the ordinary by bringing forth the extraordinary. We're inspired by the world around us, by travel and culture, by books, by music, by TED talks, and especially by the people we surround ourselves with. It's our goal that we can help make these changes with our brand as our weapon.

Our clothing is here to serve as a message to the world to follow your passion. We want to show the world the brilliant new artists, innovators,and world-changers so you can see that dreams are worth pursuing, and can be realized.

We're always focusing on ways to better deliver this message, and are open to hear your opinion, so feel free to reach out to us through twitter or our contact us page.